Collection: Factory Seconds

Explore our exclusive line of dance bags – premium quality products with minor imperfections that come with an irresistible price tag! Embrace the chance to own functional and stylish dance bags at a fraction of the cost of their flawless counterparts.

Our dance bags may feature slight cosmetic defects like a missing stud or a nick in the material, but these imperfections won't compromise the bag's essential functionality. Instead, they offer a cost-effective option for savvy dancers who seek both quality and affordability.

Opting for our dance bags not only allows you to enjoy significant savings but also contributes to reducing waste and supporting sustainability in the dance industry. Dive into our collection and discover the ideal dance bag that suits your style and needs. Embrace the unique charm of imperfections and relish in the exceptional value offered by our carefully curated range of dance bags.

Coupon codes and promotions cannot be applied to factory seconds.

All Factory Seconds are Non-Refundable