Factory Seconds

A Thank you from our Founder

2004 came the vision From it's first prototype to full production Rac n Roll was established. The dance bag which simplified my life when my daughter was in Dance. I knew this was a need and not a want. Rac n Roll has been a gift to me. Now 17 years on, it's my time to pass the (Rac) to my two children, Thomas and Lauren. The name and the brand will stay the same. It's time to retire. I would personally like to thank all my loyal customers and there recommendations throughout the years. We couldn't have done it without you.

A Message from our Director

Hi Everyone, Thank you for stopping by! My name is Lauren Middup and I am the new director of Rac n Roll! Growing up I started dance at a young age and quickly found my passion and love for the arts. This led me to some amazing opportunities along with joining the wonderful word of competitive dance and later becoming a dance teacher myself. I officially started working with Rac n Roll back in 2016 although I may argue that I have been apart of it since the very beginning and I have the OG model shots to prove it! My hope for Rac n Roll is to carry on the amazing legacy that my mother began while maintaining our exceptional customer service, ability to give back when possible and to continue to help grow this spectacular community we are all apart of, while allowing these dancers to become self-sufficient and independent young adults.